Membership Application


Henderson County Genealogical & Historical Society, Inc.

400 North Main Street

Hendersonville, NC  28792

(828) 693-1531




(please print)


(please print)




Mailing Address

City                                                                                      State                                Zip

Phone No.  (         )                                                E-mail Address:

Amount Enclosed: $                                               (check only - please do not mail cash)

Membership for Calendar Year: 20____                         Type (circle one):    New      Renewal


Annual Dues (circle one):     Individual/Family* $30.00    Contributor** $50.00     Sponsor** $100.00


 *Annual memberships are for one person or two people from the same family.

**Amounts over $30.00 annually are tax deductible contributions.




Lifetime Membership      Age 35 through 44 - $500.00       Age 55 through 64 - $300.00

(circle one)                     

                                       Age 44 through 54 - $400.00       Age 65 and up - $250.00



Please print this application and mail to the above address with your check made payable to:


Henderson County Genealogical & Historical Society




For office use only


Amount received: $                                   Check No.                                   

Received by:                                                                                    Date:                              

Receipt & membership card furnished:                                            Date:                              

Added to membership list:                                                               Date:                              


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